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STUFFS Vol. 2 LP COMPILATION   featuring:

DE HØJE HÆLE (Denmark) 
SONNY & THE SUNSETS presents: The Fuckaroos (USA) 
BAZOOKA (Greece) 
OFFONOFF (Holland/Italy/Norway) 

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REVIEWS of Stuffs Vol.2

Terminal Boredom:

The compilation game is a tough one these days. It takes a lot of effort to make a good one for often very little return. CMA out of Norway made a pretty good one in "Stuffs Vol. 1", but the fact is that not many probably heard it and that I haven't spun my copy since reviewing it says a lot. Admirably, they're back again with Vol. 2, which has a wonderful line-up of international weird punkers, many of whom have some name recognition (Dan Melchior, Sunny & The Sunsets, Cosmonauts, Bazooka) mixed in with a few unkowns. I'll go over the highlights instead of a tiring track-by-track analysis (even though I love doing that shit...the sacrifices I make). The Pierre & Bastien song that opens the comp is a stone killer, De Hoje Haele do a good weird-pop number and The Cosmonauts track isn't too shabby for West Coast neo-psych. Side B has the bulk of the meat though, Soupcans open with a real good rubbery beater, the Kraesj Normal track is outtasite and sounds like a girl-fronted Cheveu almost (is this just Crash Normal?), Plasto Beton do a good yet brief synth-blaster, NASA Space Universe contribute "ACBC" and live up to their rep as one of the best bands in hardcore rightnow and the Offonoff track to end is a pretty decent noisescape. The only thing messing up side B is a duff cut from Bazooka (go figure) and Side A is all choice except for a real dopey Sunny & The Sunsets tune. As good a comp as you're gonna get these days, and the French really kill it on this one. Classy packaging as well.(RK)

Boston Hassle:

"Based out of Oslo, Norway COMPOST MODERN ART RECORDINGS are a couple of volumes into their killer STUFFS comps that bring together a bunch of American punk bands and a bunch of European punk bands. Punk is defined very loosely here, from track to track encompassing garage rock, power pop, strange hardcore, garage pop, and even some other stuff that I guess is indie rock or something. Anyway, the point is this label is bringing together a lot of music that emanates from the underground and doing away with the strict aesthetic adherence that often separates them, but doesn’t really exist for the most part (as far as I’m concerned). Anyway, I really love these comps for this reason, and because they are full of amazing bands from all over the map. STUFFS VOL. 2 is the latest in the series. And though at least some of the tunes found on it are previously released (I haven’t done my research but I know that at least the DAN MELCHIOR track is one that I’ve heard before on one of his many releases), the comp taken as a whole is still incredibly fresh any way you slice it. Fresh still even though this vinyl comp was released back in early 2013. Anyway, you probably know some of the bands, bands that we’ve loved over and over and still want to love some more: DAN MELCHIOR, NASA SPACE UNIVERSE, SOUPCANS, ACID BABY JESUS. Alongside them there were a bunch of discoveries on here for me. PIERRE & BASTIEN’s track “Stress & Paillettes” shows the Paris band crushing punk rock and garage rock into one blasting force with a great sci-fi guitar riff that keeps coming back into my head at quiet moments much like the tinnitus that listening to bands like this enough (too late for me) will cause. The pan-European OFFONOFF weigh in with a noise rock bastard of a track of improvised mayhem called “MIHA!”, courtesy of the trio that includes a member of THE EX, and players who have collaborated with the likes of PETER BROTZMANN and JOHN BUTCHER. France’s LES CHOEURS DE LA MER NOIRE (featuring members of CHEVEU) offer up “Dryer”, an odd and noisy synth punk approach that actually may be my favorite song on the whole comp. Creepy slightly psychedelic cheap synth-punk-pop with just that correct amount of noise. In case it’s not clear to you, this comp is pretty amazing. You might know the American bands, maybe you even know most of the bands, but for most this will be a far reaching primer for underground sounds of the USofA and Europe right now. A primer that leans heavy on scuzzy sounds, but goes well beyond just that. COMPOST MODERN ART RECORDINGS is killing it with this series of comps. Hopefully there will be a third. The label has also released records by CRASH NORMAL (included on this comp as well). Give them a look."

Still Single:

The first Stuffs comp came out in 2010, just after the heyday of lo-fi rock, when crowds realized that the dollar had strengthened again and there was no monetary gain in buying every limited-to-300 piece of shit that fell out of the ass of that scene. It was a strong comp, though, matching some of the more notable American participants (Sic Alps, Ty Segall, Matt K. Shrugg) with bands in the mid-level strata (The Feeling of Love, Crash Normal, Cheveu When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth) and virtual unheards (De La Cave? Bungalow Ranchstyle?), both here and abroad – or more likely there and here, as the comp was released by a Norwegian label. This follow-up was apparently released in 2012, but it showed up here well over a year after the fact. Used to be I wouldn’t touch a record older than 6 months from the date of review, but hey, these probably aren’t going anywhere, might as well shine some light on ‘em. We’ve got an even more diverse comp this time around, with the lo-fi mold all but completely shattered. Even paths previously known by some of these artists, like Pierre & Bastien (who did that brutal, harsh, almost industrial rhythm-box slasher single “No Sex” some years back, now working almost entirely in a poppy punk framework), have been traded in due to a poor economy and narrowed outlook on life. Time to diversify? This comp seems to think so, be it via mellow, surf-laden instrumentals from a Burger Records cohort (The Cosmonauts), the speedy longhaired pop of Denmark’s De Høje Hæle, more machine exotica grind from Crash Normal, er … Kræsj Normal, even the weirdo hardcore of NASA Space Universe and the freeform destruction of The Ex-associated outfit OFFonOFF. It’s all got a home here, as does Dan Melchior, whose “Ballad of the Giant Baby” ranks as one of his funniest songs. Maybe only the compilers of Stuffs could love all of these songs, but if you still believe in physical media, this might be a good bet to get caught up with the sounds of two years past. (Doug Mosurock)


14 bands: Crash Normal (Fr), Cheveu (Fr), Sneakers (US), Bungalow Ranchstyle (No), Agent Ribbons (US), The Dictaphone (Fr), The Feeling of Love (Fr), De La Cave (Fr), Bipolar Bear (US), Don Vito (Ge), Ty Segall (US), When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (US), Sic Alps (US), and Matt K. Shrugg (US)

Terminal Boredom:

V/A "Stuffs Vol. 1 " comp LP
Oslo's Compost Modern Art with an international extravaganza of a comp, featuring some pretty hip acts (and a couple unknowns) mainly from the US and France with a couple of random Euros as well. Mostly unreleased cuts, let's try and grade this thing out...Side One: Matt K. Shrugg with a Pizzas-esque speeder, Ty Segall and a bounding garage-siker, Agent Ribbons (Austin,TX) do a very very nice garagey girl-group number, Sic Alps mail it in for yet another comp with a sloppy noise cut, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth sound a fuck of a lot like Mayyors (which isn't bad), Bipolar Bear prove they sound as bad as their name implies with a boring synth-gurgler, Sneakers do a falsetto-voxed New Wave indie-pop cut that's equal parts irritating and catchy. Side One Score: 4.5 out of 7. Side Two: Dictaphone serve a killer Cheveu/Teasers hybrid (that also appears on their LP), De La Cave do some video gamey synth that reminds me of a female voiced Digital Leather ("Black Flowers" in particular...there's quite a resemblance), Cheveu offer up a riveting synth/guitar spy theme instrumental, Crash Normal make a deathdrone synthstrumental, Feeling of Love's track is actually pretty poppy, Bungalow Ranchstyle (Oslo) play aggro-wave, and Don Vito do deconstructed noise rock. Side Two Score: 4 out of 7. Total Comp Score: 8.5 out of 14, which is somewhere around 65% choice cuts. Which isn't that shabby for the comp game these days. Best Cut: I'm going to say it's a tie between Cheveu and Dictaphone. France fares very well as a whole on this LP. Worst Cut: Bipolar Bear or Don Vito. Best "Unknown" Act: Agent Ribbons. I'll give bonus points for sleek gatefold packaging and exceptional art design, with a small bit of art from each band inside and a clever tracklisting concept. Scum stats: 750 copies.(RK)

Still Single:

"I'll take this over the Hozac dumpers any day; this sort of panic is much more my speed. a new import collection of a 'state of scene' for bands with a little more ambition to go with their violence. Side A collects the mostly West Coast-based American contributions (When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, Sneakers, Matt K. Shrugg, Ty Segall, Bipolar Bear, Agent Ribbons and Sic Alps), almost all of which turn in quality material. Since it's a comp, you half-expect throwaways, and since it's Sic Alps, you know they're the ones who send in two minutes of electrified/contact mic'd dick-helmet touch, but the manic Sneakers and Matt K. Shrugg tracks make up for any shortcomings, and the rest fall in place. Side B focuses its attention on France, with contributions by the Dictaphone, De La Cave, Cheveu, Crash Normal, the Feeling of Love, Don Vito and Bungalow Ranchstyle. Only Don Vito and De La Cave scrape the bottom of Sic Alps' shoes and consider it something. Everyone else here performs at a moderate-to-high level, and we're presented with a reasonable survey of a specific and exciting time for lo-fi/DIY or die music. Glad this exists! Gatefold sleeve, 750 copies. ( (Doug Mosurock)"

Permanent Records in Chicago:

"About a year ago Compost Modern Art Recordings wrote us asking about putting a Sneakers track on a compilation LP. We were happy to oblige the label and we put them in touch with Sneakers. It's been a long time coming, but the LP is finally here, the jacket is a gatefold, and the line-up is incredible. Here's the list: Cheveu, Bipolar Bear, Agent Ribbons, Don Vito, Crash Normal, Sneakers, The Dictaphone, Bungalow Ranchstyle, Ty Segall, When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth, The Feeling of Love, Sic Alps, De La Cave, and Matt K. Shrugg. We've featured records by nearly all of the bands included here in previous updates and we can honestly say that there isn't a throwaway jam on this slab. One of the best comps of the year! It's recommended for newbs looking to get into some of this stuff and weird punk veterans alike!"

Maximum Rocknroll:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      "Usually compilations fall flat because the person putting them together just throws some toss-off songs together, sticks a nice price on it and calls it a day. Then there are those comps that rise above the rest; we all know of incredible compilations that have helped shape a genre or, at the very least, have been thoughtfully curated. This one, featuring a slew of songs from lo-fi and noisy pop artists, does in fact rise above most others. Even if it’s not your favorite style of music. Stuffs does an excellent job of showcasing some standouts in a somewhat drowning style of music. On a small label from Oslo, Norway, Stuffs includes mostly French and American bands signing on with mostly unreleased songs. The artist list includes CRASH NORMAL, TY SEGALL, the FEELING OF LOVE, the DICTAPHONE, and SIC ALPS to name a few, and these aren’t a bunch of sloppy whatever tracks. It’s good, and put together with thought and care­—including the packaging, which is very nice with a gatefold sleeve. (AL)"

And one in french!

Il y a des éclipses aussi en Norvège. En voilà une bien belle, scrutée par le label Compost Modern Art d'Oslo. Les groupes When dinosaurs ruled the earth et Sneakers ouvrent fort bien la scène, avec fracas et conviction. Bien vite on tombe sur un roulé boulé de Ty Segall puis sur la pop clair-obscur d'Agent Ribbons. Bipolar Bear fascine de minimalisme bruitiste avant de laisser place aux fulgurantes exactions anihilatrices d?un Sic Alps total. Le Dictaphone de Tours fait des merveilles en ouverture de face B suivi par De La Cave aux charmes électroniques et nordiques. Cheveu cultive le mystère d'une fête foraine dans le grand nulle part sur un instrumental. Et un grand huit lunaire de Crash Normal avant le nouveau tour-de-force de Feeling of Love, télépathie supersonique sur des rivières de feu.Fin de B tout en noise avec notamment la déstructuration post-hiver de Don Vito déchaînés.

See? I'm not lying when I said it was good. Listen for it on WFMU, KEXP, KDVS, KXLU, Radio Nova and other good stations where it's been getting airplay:)




Featuring: Crash Normal (Fr), Cheveu (Fr), Sneakers (US), Bungalow Ranchstyle (No), Agent Ribbons (US),
The Dictaphone (Fr), The Feeling of Love (Fr), De La Cave (Fr), Bipolar Bear (US), Don Vito (Ge),
Ty Segall (US), When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (US), Sic Alps (US), and Matt K. Shrugg (US)

A side: USA (7 bands)
B side: Europe (7 bands)
Mostly unreleased tracks.
Gatefold cover with artwork by all bands.

750 copies

12 euros plus shipping:

CMA#002 Intelligence/Crash Normal split 7"

Crash Normal/Intelligence split 7''

A side: Parades (Intelligence)
B side: Please Get Lazy (Crash Normal)

Only a few left!

500 copies

5 euros plus shipping:

CMA#001 Crash Normal Unrealistic Tracks 7"

Crash Normal - Unrealistic tracks 4 song 7''
(with Delphine on vocals) out Now.

A side: cute
A side: like It
B side: crisps and cheese on the sofa
B side: so sure
45 RPM

Only a few left!

300 copies

5 euros plus shipping:


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